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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Design Year Book

Design Year Book

Bracelli, Muletas, and Cajones Lamp-Sculptures by Salvador Dali

Posted: 22 Nov 2011 05:00 PM PST

The year 2009 marked the 20th Anniversary of the death of this brilliant universal artist and Barcelona-based Bd wishes to add its special homage by producing a special limited edition of his fantastic furniture collection.

Since Dali never specified which materials he would want his furniture to be made from, the challenge for the Bd team was to balance the tastes of the painter and production viability. All the finishing's are based on black, with aged black patina on the casted brass, Black Marquina marble for the famous egg, darkened gold leaf and dyed lime wood satin in black for the upholstery and lingerie chiffon, also black for the lamp shades. Refined materials and handcrafted manufacturing to bring up to date a furniture collection thatBd has sold exclusively all over the world since the 90s, guaranteed by The Gala Salvador Dali Foundation responsible for the painter's rights. The black label collection comes to market in a limited edition of 105 pieces (the age of Dali in 2009).

When with Robert Descharnes we chose projects for furniture from the ideas with which Dali had filled his note pad for his work with Jean-Michel Frank, we had to imagine the colours which Salvador would have chosen to make his single-colour drawings, and we did soremembering the preferences and obsessions of the maestro (gold, Carmin Schiaparelli…). The furniture was really very much in Dali style, but difficult to combine in not absolutely surrealistic interiors. When we made a Leda chair with aged black patina for a special set-up and observed the enthusiastic reaction of the professionals, we were convinced that these crazy objects would look much less controversial in a decor if they were dyed black. From my extensive work with the Maestro I feel that this collection would meet his approval and I am absolutely sure that Gala would prefer it to the multicolour. Oscar Tusquets

Each piece is accompanied by the Certificate of the Dali Series.

Original Bracelli lamp at Clift hotel (San Francisco)

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