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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A secret of Grand Central

Pssst, want to hear a secret? Grand Central has an AMAZING whispering gallery. Here's how it works...
You walk to the corridor outside the famous Oyster Bar & Restaurant. You'll see four low arches, built by a father and son back in 1913...
If you and a friend stand at diagonal corners of the arches (so you're the farthest apart you can be), and whisper softly, you'll be able to HEAR each other--as clearly as if you were whispering into each other's ears!
It's like magic!
"The voice actually follows the curvature of the ceiling," says urban historian Justin Ferate. It's called "telegraphing."
Of course, on our way to dinner last weekend, Alex and I had to try it...
And it worked! Such a rad (and romantic) little trick.

Fun fact--My friend's husband proposed here! How cute is that?!

P.S. Cup of Jo Guide to NYC, including a secret playground and secret restaurant.

(My dress is from the Anthropologie store)