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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pc Wallpaper

Change your computer's wallpaper is a Screensaver
By Bill John Smith

Already loaded with the initial Screensavers and Wallpapers: Sometimes Screensavers to play a certain position, but in general they are different. You may wish that one of your wallpaper options could be your Screensaver. Or can your library pictures as your Screensaver. If so, here's how you do it ...

Conversion of an image or images to a Screensaver is very simple. If you find the picture that the process is simple and easy to perform. The first thing that you want to do is create a directory where all the pictures stored. This will help you with easy access to them (as long as you do not forget the place: Make sure that you take note of this).

After you create the list, you need to install, where your wallpaper images are saved in general, they are C: \ WINDOWS \ Web \ Wallpaper. If you have several websites Wallpapers for download, the image can be located in your Gallery, or Internet Explorer folders. The easiest way to search for photos, but if you know the file name you want the background. When you click on the pictures you want, transfer them into the new folder you created.

Pc Wallpaper
Pc Wallpaper
Pc Wallpaper
Once that is done, go to your desktop and right click an empty space. Click on "Properties" option, and that, when open, click the Screen Saver tab. Use the drop-down menu, select "My Pictures Slideshow». Under the Settings button, then click "Browse" and find the folder you created. This Screensaver will allow you to join the directory.

There are other settings available to you are free to modify your needs when you have finished everything before the preview and hit OK. Previewing the Screensaver you can see how it looks, so that you can do, because it takes a picture.

When you're satisfied, click "Apply" and then «OK» and the next time your computer is idle for 30 minutes, hour or whatever time you determine that your Screen Saver image or images you have selected.

If you have your wallpaper options, or do not want to go through the trouble of picking out the wallpaper images you can simply close the Screensaver Settings folder.